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A2+HD DVD screen LOGO-shouldn't it be solid white?

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Hi all,

I just hooked up my new Epson Home 1080 projector to my HD A2 and was wondering if the 'HD DVD' logo on the bottom right of the screen should be a solid white or not. I'm sitting 15 feet away and noticed that it went from white to a faint red to a faint blue-green. I did NOT notice this strange colour change with my old Sanyo Z3, ( although I didn't really pay attention then) but I certainly can see it with the new PJ. Other than that, the image is great. Just wondering if this is normal. Thanks.
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Should be white, with a shadow border behind it. Throw up a solid white or gray pattern on your projector to make sure it is not having any color uniformity issues.
Thanks. How would I be able to get a solid 'white' image to test this issue?
I'm prety sure it's suposed to have that gradient in it.

How would I be able to get a solid 'white' image to test this issue?

Search around for the plasma burn in DVD on the forums - when played back it has a serries of solid colours - one of them i white.
Thanks. I'll give that a try. I just called Toshiba Canada to see what they would say. Their tech said that the colour thing was normal. hmmm...I also just wanted to clarify that it's not that the colours change when viewing the logo, but that it essentially displays three colours. I may not have explained it correctly. sorry. Thanks again.
the logo is not solid white, this has been puzzling front projector owners since HD-DVD's release
, it has blue and red tints in it

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Great! Thanks! I didn't expect the convergence to be perfect on the PJ anyways, but I wasn't sure about this colour thing.
Sorry, my bad. Looks white to me on my tv.
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