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Hi guys

I have a big problem with my Audigy 2 ZS sound quality , I connect it to my DTT 3500 Digital Cambridge Soundworks speakers via Digital Din and set the card to do the decoding .

The DTT 3500 has no DTS decoding capability , so I have to decode it internally and even for DD 5.1 I always leave the decoding to the card or software DVD decoder (Powerdvd) or AC3Filter 1.11.

Now here is my problem that makes me mad :

All channels "specially Center" send some sound to the Subwoofer , if I use Surround Mixer to lower Center volume , every thing is back to normal but center is hardly heard . When I use the hardware DTT 3500 Digital decoder every thing is fine.

I have the Bass Management in Speaker settings set to : Bass Redirection = High

I don't know what to do , and any help would be much appreciated
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