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I have a HLS5687W DLP RPTV. I received an A30 HD DVD player for Christmas. It now seems apparent that I have no good way to view 24p content. Here's a breakdown of my issues:

480i/p - No good for HD

720p - Best overall. A30 correctly performs pulldown to 60p. However, resolution is reduced.

1080i - A30 performs pulldown. TV can't remove it correctly. Thus, deinterlacing artifacts and reduced resolution.

1080p/60 - A30 screws up the pulldown/deinterlace. TV accepts signal, though.

1080p/24 - TV won't accept it.

Am I pretty much screwed? I don't have the option of buying different equipment, it's technically my parents' stuff and I have no money.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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