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I have a HD-A30 that I purchase brand new about 4 months ago from Best Buy before they were all gone. It has been my primary player since then (before that my Xbox 360). The issue that I have been having is that it freezes with most of my combo discs. The discs play fine on my Xbox 360 though.

So, my question is should I send the player back to Toshiba to have them fix it and if so what has been the experience for those who have had to send a player back. My other option is to play around with different versions of firmware to see if that helps playback. I am currently running 3.0 on it and I do have 1.3 and 2.0 downloaded that I can revert back to. I have had issues with those versions of FW as well with discs freezing during playback as well so that is why I am on 3.0 right now.

Any thoughts?
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