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Hello all,

I recently found a Sharp 32" LCD TV (LK315T3LZ5CZ) dumped in a Home Depot parking lot. I figured it was most likely broken, but decided to take it home anyway. When I turned it on, I got some beautiful green (and later some red and blue) bands, matrix style.

I leaned the TV onto my lap to see what screwdriver would be necessary to open it up, and when I picked the TV back up, I saw a second of snow! The TV went right back to giving me matrix lines, but at least I knew that all was not lost.

So when I opened the TV up, I remembered that I have not a single ounce of knowledge when it comes to these things. No clue what any of these boards did. But I stared at them for a while, and figured that since the tiny green board had a couple of ribbons going to the front, it might be intended for the display.

I unplugged the cable coming in from the bottom, and plugged it back in. Lo and behold, we had a functioning TV! With very decent sound!

The only bummer is that almost every time I turn the TV on, I get some matrix lines. I've found that if I slap the TV around a bit like a 1920s gangster, I eventually get picture.

I guess the reason I am sharing this story here is because you guys actually know stuff about displays. You might know what I can do to permanently fix my awesome find, and save me the money I was going to spend.
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