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ABC Monday Night Football in HDTV - 2004 Week 5! (Game 6)

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Please place all related comments here, and don't forget to mention your source and provider! Cities, station call letters, cableco, etc.

Tonight's ABC MNF HDTV game:

9pm ET

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers
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It's up in HD & 5.1.
Are you ready for some football???!!!!!! .....in hi-def that is
game looks good

chris brown might run for 500 yards tonight..green bay should pack it up right now
Does anyone know why the sound dies when the announcers are not speaking? Even the intro of the offense and defense dies. I'm sure the advertisers can't be happy about us not being able to hear their commercials!!
WOTV OTA in West Michigan. Up in HD and 5.1 but it keeps cutting in and out. Anyone else seeing this or perhaps a local issue.
Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers

Receiving signal from WABC-NY OTA. PQ is kind of soft, not the best I've seen from MNF.
5.1 Cutting in and out in Charleston, SC as well
Looks and sounds fine in Detroit, via WXYZ-DT. No problems at all.
Cutting in and out here for the last 20 minutes plus in Montgomery, AL
bogus call on that challenge..gimme a break..rookie ref takes away a brilliant defensive play
Looks good here on TWC SC where ABC HD was added to the lineup just hours ago. Not 5.1 though.
PQ looks very good in Miami via OTA. I had some pixelation problems during the game which lasted for a few seconds.
OTA in ATL. 5.1 Minor macroblocking in specific quarters of the screen from time to time. Main 50 Yard camera looks soft. Why does the picture go blurry for a few seconds whenever they do a wipe?

Cablevision in New York

Game looks great best one so far for me this season. Sound fine PQ good
WJLA-DT (7-1) OTA, twenty miles from their tower, basement setup, unpowered antenna. PQ is excellent, DD 2.0 (not 5.1, as the station is not equipped for it).

It's a bad night to be a Packer Backer (48 points the Pack has given up).
WCPO-DT in Cincinnati looked the same as usuall- average to below average for HDTV .. DD2.0 only and lots of jaggies especially on the on-screen graphics.

seems like there were alot of focusing issues last nite. I'd also notice the graphics would be fuzzy too and then would sharpen after a few seconds. I never really notice those issues with FOX and CBS's coverage.
Man that game looked good (WBKO, Bowling Green, KY). Nothing like full bandwidth HD.

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