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ABC salt lake under repair?

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I understand that ABC salt lake city is broken somehow and they are only running at 50% capacity or some such. Yesterday afternoon we tried to tune it in and there was nothing coming in. Just a black screen. The decoder was picking up the 40-1 DTV flag though. Anyone in the area know anything about this? Anyone know when (if not now) they are going to be back to full capacity?

the signal is weak
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I've also noticed that ABC in SLC 40-1 is out. I'm not getting any signal strength. It would be nice to know when they plan to back up and running.
It looks like ABC 40-1 in SLC is up and running again.
Are they back as before at low power? Or are they fully functional now?
Does anyone have any info on when they will be back to FULL power again? They are being really on/off lately and i am wondering if anyone has any info if that means they are working on it or what?


I am having the same problems at my house too! I wonder if it is going to be back to 100% capacity soon? Someone help us please!
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