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Abit releasing first HDMI motherboard in June!

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Just saw that the ABit is releasing the first motherboard with HDMI output!


Specific model is the Abit IL-80MV and is based on the Intel 945GT chipset, meaning is will work with Core Duo CPUs.

This will be perfect for a new MCE machine that connects to my plasma :)
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Well, that is good news except that I just ordered a new mobo with onboard video and DVI out. I guess the video card mfr's will be releasing cards with HDMI on them soon.
It could make life easier going foward with Vista and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, but:

1.) Will the Video Chip decode HD MPEG2, VC-1 and H.264? Or will you need a card to do the work and pipe out the HDMI port?

2.) What about audio? can it do the the new HD formats from Dolby and DTS? Or will we need a seperate card too.

3.) What version is the HDMI? (1.3 I hope)

I'm sure that this board is just for the A/V side of HTPC. That's cool with me. But other do gaming and this board my not fit the bill.

Like all things,its wait and see.
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