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So I plugged in my laptop to my HDTV via HDMI cable to the HDMI/DVI Input port (There are two HDMI ports), and I have a question.


I noticed that the picture options available for the HDMI Input are mostly grayed out. I can't adjust the "Color" settings, the "Tint" settings, or even the "White Balance" (depending on the mode, "Entertain = no" and "Standard = yes") settings. 


This kind of sucks for me, because I want to be able to adjust the color a little bit on Entertain, because that looks better than Standard, but I can't. 

Now I understand that I can calibrate the picture from my computer, but it only calibrates as far as brightness, contrast, and gamma. There's no available option for "Saturation", which I know would fix my problem a little bit. 


Is there any possible way for me to enable some of these options again on HDMI? I've heard renaming the inputs can affect the settings, but what can I do? 
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