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.. both models mentioned would be very good purchases; depends on if desiring local purchase/online. Samsung does have v. good processor. Though, believe LG has slightly better blacks.

regarding accompanying items: no calibration equip., but a search thru the Forum, you'll probably locate some suitable settings which you can adjust to taste.

cables: with Cable/Satellite: if non-HD receiver (which would be waste), it will connect directly out of receiver w/ coaxial cable. If HD receiver, purchase HDMI cable (4-6ft length. 28awg-more flexible) thru the Forum sponsors (Blue Cable or Monoprice) or thru Amazon; should not cost more than $10 for one HDMI cable.

DVD player (Blu-ray): with standard player, you may be able to connect HDMI cable (or) Component (Blue/Red/Green plus need separate digital audio cable). Same for Blu-ray player, and believe Playstation 3 player.

with OTA (Antenna): plug coaxial directly into set & do ATSC search (TV menu function) for local HD-channels/local networks/affiliates. (Some SD channels will sneak in also; shown as 480i)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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