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About to start my second 700liter sonosub

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I'm about to order my second Ficar Q18 driver and build a matching sub....

Pic 1: Current sub...(smaller SVS in pic has been sold)

Pic 2: My "proforma" with a little help from a friend with photoshop skills...

Both will be driven by my EP2500.

More to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sweet! What's the specs on the 1st build? Volume? Port length? Tuning?

More to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That my friend is a large sub,.. I guess I ought to say subs! A true representation of the classic LLT I would presume. Looking forward to more.

Originally Posted by Favelle /forum/post/15433556

Sweet! What's the specs on the 1st build? Volume? Port length? Tuning?

700 liters, 26.75in port, tuned to 13hz.....

Originally Posted by SteveCallas /forum/post/15433692

Nice. Is each one wired for 4 ohms?

Per Scott at Ficar:

Quote: With a single Q18 you would be best served with a single 8 Ohm coil (I will have to check if I have any of those left). That way you can run the amp in bridged mode, but still not get full power (which is way too much for a single Q18). And if you should choose to add a second sub at a later date, you would simply run both subs in parallel for a single 4 Ohm load for the amp (making max power for the pair).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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