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So I've recently switched to FFDShow Beta 7 because I found out it now has support for a 7.1 channel system and HD audio passthrough. Previously I used AC3Filter 1.63b where I created a matrix while calibrating my speakers and I feel it works best.

I'm not sure if it's true or not but I recall somewhere it being mentioned that the latest version of AC3Filter, referring to this one - the one I was using, increases the output level by 3dB by default. On top of which, as you can tell, I have the Master Gain set to -.4, which I'm assuming then means that the overall increase in volume is by 2.6. Regardless of whether the 3dB increase in AC3Filter exists or not if somebody knows, the -.4dB should still apply in FFDShow.

How do I apply this matrix to FFDShow with, additionally, the same kind of changes to the back channel speakers? By that I mean, the difference between the default matrix of stereo to 5.1 surround and mine should similarly be applied to the addition of the rear speakers?

Alternatively, I could have it done automatically in FFDShow by adjusting the percentage increase/decrease for center, surround, and LFE channels if I only knew the relative percentage values to the dB increases I set in AC3Filter. This is of course under the assumption that the surround value applies for the rear channels in this case as well.

Also, with the 7.1 setup, is the sound the same as for 5.1 but with extra sound from the back or does it change up the sound of the previously implemented 5.1 upmixing? Thanks guys
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