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AccessDTV Enhancements

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Does anyone know of any new features coming for the AccessDTV software? Seems like a great card with a lot of potential, but I'm having a few problems with the latest version:

- Doesn't seem too stable on Win2K. It locks up enough that I'm nervous to have a SuperBowl party this year without a backup TV in case I need to reboot! Lockups seem to be related to signal strength. Anyone having this problem?

- Really don't like the fact that I cant record to a server over a network drive. It is a lot noiser to have to have local drives by the TV in the living room. Also, the fact that a recording is split into smaller files coupled with the fact that the directory content is in some cryptic format makes it impossible to copy files off to a backup drive. Don't understand the need for this since my recording can only be played on the card with my serial number anyway.

- I can't get my analog cable to fit into the card due to the layout of the card. Has anyone found a workaround adapter? Software will not help this problem.

- It would be nice to record DTV and analog signals at a lower bandwidth to save disk space for programs that are not HDTV. It is incovenient to have to use an cheaper analog card to get this to work. I guess it would be okay if the same software could handle both adaptors.

- PVR is a nice feature but locks up sometimes and it seems riskier to pause and lose part of the show if it crashes rather than to just wait for a commercial break. Anyone have the same problem?


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All points have been raised time and time again here before, can not expect anything from ITech for now.
Originally posted by trstout
It locks up enough that I'm nervous to have a SuperBowl party this year without a backup TV in case I need to reboot

I hope I'm not the one breaking the news to you for the first time, but the SuperBowl isn't going to be in HD this year. Fox is broadcasting it :mad:

what exactly is the deal with ITech?

I've had my card for 2 months now, but I've never seen this properly explained.

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