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I have the tx-42f430s and i have noticed that on some channels like fox they will have the show in 4:3 IE. Family Guy, Simpsons. But its like my vertical adjustment is low, cuz at the top of the screen i can see that the black bars don't go all the way up and i can see part of the show up there. Now my problem isn't that fox is a bunch of morons and aren't displaying the whole show. its that my adjustment is off. Now my 61 sammy i can adjust the vertical and horizontal with in the standard user menu. and when i go in to the service menu i can really adjust it using test patterns. so my question ultimately is this, How do i access the service menu on the westi? i have seen ways to do it on some of the forums but they don't work, so either i haven't found the method yet within the 5400 posts in the owners thread for this TV or it isn't on here.
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