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Hi there, I have recently let my OCD get the better of me and was dusting my Optoma ml750 using an electric air duster. It looks really clean now and all the dust from within has gone. Brilliant, a little while later I decided to blow the dust off from the focus adjust on top of the projector, big mistake. It's clean....but a fair bit of the dust appears to have gone INSIDE the lens assembly. This means now when I project a black image it looks like the night sky on my wall.

I figured I could reverse the process with a hoover, didn't work, blowing it some more didn't help and I fear it may only damage it further if lot's of little dust particle are blowing around at high speed around the DLP chip etc. Just wondering if anyone has been stupid enough to do this too (i should really of just hoovered it but I had the blower at work) - and what do people recommend. Currently I am looking at fully disassembling it and trying to find the dust to remove it. I have already popped the top off to see everything is really tightly packed together as the projector is tiny. I havn't braved the cleaning process yet as I thought I shall seek some advice first. Here are a couple of pictures which show the lens at both extremes of it's focus with no image.

I have been searching online for answers but not found anything to do with these tiny led projectors so far, everything seems to be for larger bulb based projectors which are much less scary to pull apart and tinker with. When I do this I'll take photo's, I couldn't find a service manual online for this projector.


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