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Cast Optical Acrylic, creating an indescribable amazing deep viewing experience. Actually, I can describe it with just one word, "Wow." This front projection screen fully maximizes the projector's capability delivering the projected light forcibly to the viewer with a most real image. The contrast and sharpness of this front projection screen is breathtaking.

Hidden in a projector company's booth was a front projection screen that defies ambient light. The Accuon screen ignores surrounding room light and presents a projected image that compares to plasma. The Hubble II engineers designed this screen and takes front projection out of the dark and into the bright lights of the den or even pool side.

Most screens have a 1.0-1.3x gain, making you close the drapes to watch your projector. THIS SCREEN HAS A 20x GAIN, making high-quality viewing possible in a well-lit room. No other screen in the world has this kind of gain.

MSRP of $3,000.


The screen has two small creases: one in the top left and the other bottom left. However, during viewing, these creases are not noticeable. I have rated it a 6/10 accordingly. It comes with the original box and mounting materials.

Local pickup in New York City welcome. The box is too big to ship, but you are welcome to figure out logistics if you would like to have it shipped.

Payment accepted via money order, check, PayPal. Price reflects a cash discount, please add 3% for PayPal credit card funds.

From the company's website:

Nova Vista is our patented flagship product. It is a micro lens embedded screen for displaying front projection images in high ambient light conditions. In high ambient light, Nova Vista outperform all other screens in the world.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.
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