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Hi to all,

I've been comparing prices for 3D gaming projectors and those two are the best that fit my budget and expectations.

I am going for 720p, since the Ps3 and supposedly Wii U(Since a video card capable of 3D1080p is out of my budget), 3D is sub 1080p and since for 1080p/60Fps should be done trough Display Port i think its a good investment for 2 or 3 years.

The question is, the Acer has slightly less ANSI lumen 2500 vs 3000, but it has a slightly best contrast 3200 vs 3000, i don't know if it s a huge difference between the two.

Also, GT750E uses RF technology that prevails the glasses to be disconnected, I don't know if Ir Emitter represent a big issue on the Acer Side, or if RF expensive glasses price is worth of it, compared with the DPLink ones.

I keep in mind that there is not that much of 3D content right now for that reason the chosen one should have a good performance in 2D.

Anyone tried both?

Thanks in advance.
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