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Led or bulb in equally priced budget projectors

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Hello guys! I'm new to the forum and i guess this question hasn't been completely answered, or at least to my complete satisfaction

I'm about to pull the trigger on amazon in europe to buy a budget projector, and am faced between the dilemma of regular bulb vs led... I don't care about image characteristics at all (maybe the rainbow thing sucks though), but just about how watchable it will be in here.

I don't have really good curtains here, however the apartment faces north (or south, dunno) so there is never direct sunlight in, it's always kind of shady in here.

So, 2.000 ANSI Lumens vs 200 with a LED (that i read enough and watched enough videos to know to be more focused). Which should i get? To led or not to led...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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