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Hey all, I picked up an Acer Revo 3610 over the weekend because it fit the bill for exactly what I want, a small, cool, quiet pc that can stream video (especially Hulu and dramafever.com), and function as a mythtv frontend. So I set it up, installed the latest flash 10.1 beta 3 (also tried beta 1 as recommended on some sites), and the latest Nvidia chipset drivers. Output resolution is 1080p, but I've tried many different refresh rates, and even tried 720p. Display is a Samsung 42" 1080p TV from a few years back.

Hulu desktop works great! I've noticed a dropped frame here or there, but it is nothing to complain about. My main problem is dramafever.com. We use this site pretty regularly now, and up until I got the Revo we were watching on a macbook pro hooked up directly to my TV without issue (and it looked great!) With the Revo I'm getting a ton of dropped frames at 1080p or 720p, and the video looks awful in comparison to the macbook pro. If anyone wants to check it out, episode 3 of a show called "Chuno" is a great torture test as it begins with a battle in a field of tall grass. Any suggestions?

Just some additional info on my setup, I went with the preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium and uninstalled a bunch of crapware that came with it. I've tried Firefox, IE 8, and Chrome, all with the same results. Any help is appreciated as I would really like to make this setup work for me without having to break out the macbook pro to watch this one site. Thanks!
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