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Hi everyone-

back in May I scored a pair of Boston Accoustic A150 for $60 and I am pleased with these speakers. Now how ever I'm wanting build my sound stage around these speakers. I know that when building a HT sound stage you should match all speakers but mounting an A150 on the wall isn't practical. As these speakers were produce before the big HT surround sound era I'm not sure which speakers would work best with pairing with these.

For the surrounds I was thinking maybe a set of A70, 60, or 40. I'm leaning more towards the A70/60 due to the 8" woofer. I know it's a surround and doesn't need alot of bass but getting a sub-woofer isn't high on my priority list at the moment.

With the center speaker I don't have any idea... I've read forums and other posts on this site about using any boston center. I've droped boston an email and am still waiting on a responce. Again I'm hoping to achieve tonal equality

Any suggestion will help greatly

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