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Aci Subs

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Any feedbacks on their line of subwoofers....seems like most of the forum is about SVS and HSU...
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Just search on Maestro, Titan, and Force. There is a lot of comments on these, all favorable, but more on the Maestro than the other two.
The company has been around a relatively long time,; The make excellent speakers and subwoofers; Mike Dzurko is a classy guy (search for his posts), and is well respected in the industry and here on the forum.

If you'll look at Craigsub's rankings , you'll see the Maestro scores very high.
My brother has a pair of maestro's and couldn't be happier for both HT and music. He has been thorugh outlaws lfm-1's. onix rocket ufw 10's and 12's and one other brand that is escaping me at the moment. I have had a little time with them, and they were impressive.
ACI makes very good products with a strong hint at making their products nice to look at. I have owned the Titan LE sub, and now own the Maestro XL sub. Both are great subwoofers and really great products. Mike Dzurko is a really nice helpful guy. If you have any questions, you can email ACI, or ask them here, or run a search on the aforementioned keywords!
Thanks folks! Yes . . . all good advice and I also recommend doing some searches on other forums and the web. This is our 30th successful year and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have, here or email or PM me . . .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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