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I managed to buy a couple of pairs of SBP10s second hand and have been wondering how best to use them. They are typically designed for sealed in 1-2cu ft and I have already allocated a pair for a dual opposed 3 cu ft cabinet.

So, I got out the trusty Easy Horn and punched in the numbers for a tapped horn. I ran Hornresp with both 20 and 16Hz versions and while the cabinet size was only 40L difference (140 and 180L respectively) the loss of SPL with the 16Hz version was noticeable. What also appears a problem with both is the response after 60Hz (correct me if I am interpreting this wrongly).

I have read many times that drivers with low Fs may not necessarily be good for a tapped horn. Maybe I am seeking something that just wont work? Maybe I would be better off with a FLH or T-TQWT? Maybe sealed is best after all? Hence, I thought I would put it to the group to see where best to go with this and whether my existing option is really the best way to go. I really would prefer to get to 20Hz but would compromise at 25Hz. I never go higher than 80Hz on my subs. I have no interest in putting these in cabs bigger than 150L, there just isnt enough room and if there was I would put in an another 18 instead! (Or just put the 4 drivers sealed in the one 150L box).

I include the Hornresp and data file as well as my initial work in easy horn and winisd. (It doesnt seem to like vented judging from the sims). The T/S on this driver is as follows. I appreciate your input.

SBP10 - 8ohm

Fs: 23.9Hz

Qms: 4.15

Vas: 68L

Cms: .4mm/N

Mms: 110g

Rms: 4kg/s

Xmax: 10mm

Sd: 346sqcm

Qes: .53

Re: 5.5ohm

Le: .3mH

Z: 8ohm

Bl: 13.1Tm

Pe: 500W

Qts: .47

1W SPL:84.5dB


sbp1016h.txt 71.4619140625k . file


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