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Here's an announcement of the first Reciva-licensed Internet Radio. This one has several special features: Wifi reception (802.11b and g), and support for MP3, Real Audio, and WMA stations. I don't know if they plan to make this available in the US ... if not, I plan to find a way to smuggle one in from the UK.

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Here is some more information Acoustic Energy (mass) e-mailed me out about this unit (which supports streaming Real Audio):

Thank you for your interest in the AE Wifi radio.

We have had so many emails over the last couple of weeks that we have been fighting to keep up with it all.

I would like to thank you for your interest in this ground breaking product and like to keep you up to date with current progress.

The product is going into production as we speak so we are right on time for our UK and US launch in November 2005. The Wifi Radio will be available through existing AE distributors as well as being available online. We are currently looking at distribution channels for Europe and other markets also.

As you may of noticed we are getting major coverage on the Internet and in the media already.

T3 News: http://www.t3.co.uk/news/entertainme...dab_radio_star

Engadget News:


ehome News:


This email I hope will answer many of your questions and queries on the product.

Q: Will the AE Wifi radio be available in the US?

A: Yes we are looking at distribution right now and hope to launch the product in November into the US market. Prices will be available soon.

Q: Does it support WPA encryption?

A: WPA-PSK/TKIP, which is the most commonly-used variant of WPA, is supported.

Q: Will it work with audio files held on Mac OS X?

A: The radio uses Windows file sharing protocols to retrieve the audio files. Mac OS X supports Windows sharing, so this should work fine.

Q: Will the radio work with the Apple Airport Extreme etc?

A: Yes. The radio will work with any IEEE 802.11b/g access point.

Q: Will it support multicast broadcast?

A: Not at the moment. Only unicast connections are supported.

Q: Will it support Shoutcast streams?

A: Yes, Shoutcast should be fine.

Q: Will it support Ogg-Vorbis files?

A: We don't have support for Vorbis today, but we plan to introduce this as a (free) software upgrade in the future.

Q: Will it support AAC/ iTunes files?

A: ACC support will be available as a software upgrade in Q1 2006. However, music purchased online from the iTunes store is digitally encrypted by Apple and will not be playable on the AE WiFi radio.

Q: Will it be able to utilize Slimeserver software?

A: We don't support that at present, but we are investigating that possibility.

Q: Will it be able to get Live365 stations?

A: Yes, Live365 should be fine.

Q: How will this affect usage limits on broadband? ie 1gb limits on downloads etc.

A: This would depend on the particular ISP. As far as the network is concerned, using the radio is just the same as listening to Internet radio from a PC.

Q: Will it support WMA V9.1?

A: Yes, WMA 9.1 will be supported.

Q: Can I have a brief description on how the radio picks up the new stations and software?

A: Whenever the radio starts up, it downloads the latest station information from our gateway servers.

Q: If subscribed to a streaming audio service that provides programs on line but is not a radio broadcaster per se. Will it be able to add them to the list of stations it can get on the radio?

A: We don't currently have any support for subscription services, although we are investigating that right now.

Q: Will the radio work on my broadband connection I am with etc etc?

A: The radio will work with any Wireless broadband connection.

Q: Can I link the radio to my HiFi system?

A: The AE Wifi radio will have a standard 3.5mm jack on the rear that can be connected to a hifi or a pair of headphones.

Q: Does the LCD Light up?

A: Yes the LCD with be backlit in Blue.

Thank you again for your interest and keep and eye on the AE website for future updates as we get closer to the launch date. Also thank you for the offers of testers for this product it is most kind but we do have the product fully tested and signed off now.


Will Fisher,

Group Support Manager
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