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Hello. I want to start to improve acoustic in my HT/multimedia room.
I think I'll buy 2pcs of rockwool bass trap/acoustic panels (dimensions: 100x61cm), and 2 pcs of corner bass trap foam (80x30x30cm).
Here are some images of these elements:



here is actual view of my room (whole floor is covered by carpet):

I add a side view, for demonstrating a fact, that is attic room.

So now here is my idea of placement bass trap panels and bass trap foam:

What do you think about it?
If there is any better solution, please tell me that.

BTW One more quesion: Seller of that panels says: "these are bass trap panels" but I dont think if that's true.
Aren't they bass trap panels only if I put them in the corner of room? And if I simply hang them on the wall, they simply act like a acoustic material for mids and highs? For example like foam pyramids? What's the true about it?

thank you very much
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