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Greetings all,

I'm hoping this is the right place to put this thread but have it in the HT Construction forum as well. I had previously asked this question (along with probably too many others under another thread) and am breaking it out for a more specific discussion.

I am trying to get some advice regarding how to tackle a design challenge presented by my theater room. The problem is that my right wall has three windows, all spaced closely together. If you go to this link:


and click on the "Gallery" button on the left you will see what I'm talking about. (disclaimer -- This webpage through that link is not in any way a real store. It's a remnant of a school project where we were faking a themed storefront and I choose Home Theater. It's just the easiest way to show you my room right now.)

As you can see, those windows take up a large portion of the wall. Previously, I've approached the problem with the tubetraps, but they haven't grown on me appearance-wise and people are always confused by them. Bottom line, they detract from the theater in a way that columns or fabric-covered acoustic wall panels wouldn't.

I'd like to take the tubetraps out and do something like the TheaterShield / GoM fabric solution, but what to do with the windows? My wife refuses to allow me to close them off and her requirement is that they have to remain functional.

My only thoughts so far have been to use curtains on the windows and the TS / GoM solution everywhere else, but I think that might unbalance the room since the left and right walls would be so different, or to build something that might lower over the windows to block them when the theater was in use.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been wrestling with this for quite some time and would appreciate any input you might have.


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