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Acoustic treatment behind AT screen question (with picture)

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Hi all, getting close to finishing my home theater. Build 3 boxes today that will hold 3 vertical in wall speakers.

Question: I was planning on putting safe and sound between the 3 boxes. Should I also put some inside the boxes? Between should help with sound bouncing from the screen is my understanding. Will fiberglass/SnS help with the "boomy-ness" of the speakers?

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My guess is that the “boominess’ you are hearing is more a result of their proximity to the rear wall, which serves to reinforce the lower frequencies. You might consider a thin layer of insulation between the speakers and the backer boxes just to isolate them from making contact with the backer box. Fill any gaps on the top and sides of the box with insulation as well.

Thanks Mike, I obviously didn't finish the boxes yet. So the boomy-ness is more of an assumption I'm making and was hoping to get some confirmation :).
Yes. It reduces the resonance in the box itself, as well makes the bass sound tighter, and firm throughout the range.
All cavities should have some sort of stuffing in them. Pink fluffy , safe and sound, OC703, polyfill anything will suffice.
I added fiberglass inside the boxes, and also around. Without any sound treatments it already sounds pretty good!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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