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* Designed for pro-audio/video, professional recording studios, home studios, home entertainment systems and the office.

* Perfect for the video/audio pre- and post-production professionals.

* 1600 watts of waste heat removal; optional higher power versions available.*

* Rack mount capacity of 24u for electronic equipment up to 34" deep.

* Reduces equipment noise by 99% - from 71 dBA down to 33 dBA.

* Uses a revolutionary new design of acoustic labyrinth and baffles to trap noise inside, while allowing hot air to escape.

* Operates with room temperature air, drawn in through a reusable/ washable filter, directly to your electronic equipment.

* Filtered intake air keeps dirt and dust from entering your equipment and reducing performance.

* Black finish standard (Maple finish available by special order).


This is a way to hush loud servers....

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That looks like a sweet product! A little pricey, but it looks like it's built well, and I like the fact that it filters out dust. Not to mention that they have dealers in Canada

It is available in 16u and 24u. The 16u is on sale right now.

Not sure if you know Pete, but how are wires dealt with? What I mean is, where do wires come out of the box and what system do the have of sealing the area around them?
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