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Active Bathroom Speakers

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hello all.

I have been browsing round the site for a while, and figure you guys are the people I need advice from...

I am about to install a new bathroom. Same issue as most people around these parts, I want to listen to music everywhere in my house. I am planning on using the squeezebox system to stream music around. And a client will be mounted in the wall behind a perspex screen so the display can be seen and remote used. So the question turns to speakers and amp. I'm not keen on having an 'always on' amp in the roof void above the bathroom, due to potential fire risk of it running hot etc. So in my mind, that's out of the question.

Therefore I need a pair (or one?) in-ceiling active speaker. In-celing rather than in-wall as the walls will all be tiled.

Bathroom's only small, i guess 10ft by 8ft, but does anyone have any experience of installing something like this? Any speakers that anyone can recommend? Oh, and if possible, something that's available in the UK.

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