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Ok i have Googled and the info i get is conflicting and i frankly my head is starting to hurt
For the sake of simplicity these are what i have

1. A pair of powered 2.0 speakers with 2 sets of AUX inputs

2. A Creative SB Live! PCI soundcard old but still working

What i intend to do : add a 8-10" active sub

My 1st thought was simply to use a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable off the sub out/center channel port of my soundcard but the info i am getting is so confusing

a. Do i *need* to depend on software to make sure using the sub/center channel port with an active sub works?

b. For some cards one has to set to 5.1 with LFE in software for the active sub to work in this way? Does this mean i can;t just plug and play and just set the crossover on the active sub then?

c. Lastly if my initial idea is just too hard and confusing i am thinking of just buying an active sub with line level input/output. If i route line out of my sound card to sub, set crossover then line out of active sub to speakers it's all fine and dandy i assume?

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me out
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