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Add a Wharedale SW150 subwoofer : Helpp

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Hi all

Really need help / advise asap.

I got a Panasonic Home Theatre in a box SC-PT550 and just purchased a Wharfedale SW150 sub to add to the system.

My question is how do i connect it to the Panasonic SC-PT550 ??

At the back of my Panasonic Amp/ dvd player its got push in wire speaker terminals for all speaker front ,center , rear and sub.

How would i connect the SW150 to my Panasonic SC-PT550 ???

And how do i run both the subs (panasonic home theatre sub and my new SW150) without causing to much load/damage to my panasocic amp/dvd ???

Please help ASAP total newbie!!!!



ps: have included attachmnt of speaker terminals at back of amp if it helps
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Just want to know : if i use the panny sub which is connected via the amp/dvd subwoofer push in wire terminal can i run the SW150 from the same subwoofer push in wire terminal by just adding another pair to the subwoofer wire terminal

SO that i can run both the subs??

So there will be 2 lefts and 2 rights (wires) coming out of the amp (subwoofer out push in wire terminal) and 1 wire pair(L+R) will goto the panny and the other pair (L+R) to the SW150.

Is this safe?? Will it cause damage/load to amp ??

Some one told me that the SW150 will only use the signal from the amp when i use the speaker wire from amp and not the power, so i want the signal to go to the SW150 and the power to the panny sub if that makes sense .

Im a total newbie so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have included screen shot/attachnmnt of what the back of my amp/dvd player looks like to help you understand what im trying to ask/do.


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Did you ever get an answer to your question? The SW150 has speaker level inputs and can be wired in parallel with your front speakers. So, just wire the Panny sub to the "subwoofer" output on the back of the unit and run parallel speaker wires from the "front left" and "front right" connection on the unit to the speaker level FL & FR inputs on the SW150. The Wharfedale literature says you should see about a 6db increase in bass output with a second subwoofer. Hope this helps. Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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