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I want to improve on the sonic performance (music) on my current HT setup....wondering if I should add a 2 ch power amp and use my Yamaha AX-1 (RX-V1) as a pre-amp or add a integrated amp for music only? I am quite happy with the HT performance for now.

My current set up:

Amp: Yamaha AX-1

CD: Sony XA30ES

L/R Speakers: B&W CDM-7NT

Front L/R Speaker Cables: AudioQuest Slate (Bi-wired)

Interested Integrated Amp:

SimAudio I-5

Primare A30.1

Accuphase E-307

Interested Power Amp:

Bryston 4ST

I am especially keen on the simaudio I-5 integrated amp since it has a "theather" mode where I can use the power amp portion directly.

Question 1:

How much sonic (music ) improvement would I adding a 2ch power amp?

Question 2:

How much sonic (music ) improvement would I adding an integrated amp? Is it better since it is dedicated to audio only....I don't need to use the Yamaha as a pre-amp?

Question 2:

Is it worth the investment?

I want this piece of equipment be able to last....don't want to change this purchase for another 5 years. I listen to mostly Jazz and some downtempo electronica.

Any other recommendations are welcome.

Thanks for any advice.

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