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I have 50" Plasma tv with optical out and an RCA Line out. The optical out is going to my soundbar but the wireless subwoofer that came with it is disappointing.

I would like to add a powered subwoofer to my tv's RCA line out which I know is possible. The only pitfull is I will need to get off the couch to adjust the subwoofer if I play with my soundbar's volume which I don't mind. I can't really afford to buy another sound bar system.

There is a very slight but noticable delay between the optical out and the RCA out. I think its more of the sound bar processing the sound. I know this because I tried hooking up a 2.1 computer speaker system to my tv with the sound bar and I heard it. It sounded as if there was a bit of an echo.

My concern is am I going to hear this same echoing with just adding a second subwoofer to my TV's RCA line out. My guess is I won't because I only notice it with the voices and ambiant noise not really with the bass but can't quite tell.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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