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Adding "Chapters" to Imported MPEG

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I have tried really hard to figure this out and I have searched multiple forums but something just isn't getting through to me.

My example issue is SpongeBob. There are two episodes to each 1/2 hour show. I know how I could use RTVEDIT to strip out commercials and I have other tools that I can use to do that as well. My problem is that when I import that show back into DVArchuve, I still want a "chapter" (event, whatever) at the start of the 2nd episode in the show.

I swear that not only can I not find the answer but apparently I am the only one who has ever asked. Would someone please be so kind as to fill in the cluebag?

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'fraid your only choice is to save each segment as a separate show. Replay isn't a DVD and does not support bookmarking segments within a show.
It would be possible if you could manually put in CA markers. Not sure if and/or how that can be done. But if that we're the case and you we're viewing the show with a 5xxx series Replay, you could use Show|Nav to go to a specific spot like chapters in a DVD player.

Otherwise, you'll just have to remember the times. If the second show starts 20 minutes into the recording, just hit 2-0-Jump.
Funny Ace how great minds think alike. I independently came up with the same answer last night, of course the devil is in the details. Guess an .ndx file could be created with the bookmarks enumerated and using the Show | Nav for navigation, but no one has bothered to explore this possibility (yet) that I know of.
Originally posted by BaysideBas
...of course the devil is in the details.
Indeed. The easiest way would be to use a program like VideoReDo and have it do the opposite of what it already does.

Supposedly (and I say that because I've only heard that it was possible) you can use the .ndx file to create predetermined sections that you want to erase from the .mpg file when you re-encode for making DVDs and other such projects. So, if VideoReDo can understand the .ndx file enough to do that, what's stopping it from reversing the process and creating an .ndx file from chapter markers you set when making a project.

I could be totally off though since I've only just started using VideoReDo and making DVDs.
Welcome to the ranks of VideoReDo (sounds like an Aboriginal musical instrument), I think you'll like it. And when V2 comes out, with the automatic ad detective, maybe it will be worth looking into implementing your suggestion, the current plug-in for commercial removal will then be obsolete, so I wouldn't waste time on it now.
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