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Adelphia's HD Plans? Anyone?

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Has anyone any kind of "insider" information on Adelphia's HD plans? Specifically, what kind of timetable have they implied or announced concerning adding HD content? Is TNT HD imminent? espn2HD? FOXHD?
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Here in the Wilkes Barre area, they already have FOX-HD and ESPN2 is coming around march or april I believe, nothing on TNT HD yet.
According to my "insider," they're in negotiations with TNT, but - according to him:

"I think TNT will be a longer term issue- problems with contracts between Turner and Adelphia."

We already have ESPN2 here - just added a few weeks ago. We've had FOX for a long time.

How long it takes for each of Adelphia's areas to actually activate channels varies due to local equipment issues.
Hopefully the TW/Comcast acquisition will hasten things. I think most of their network is already 750 mhz so depending on how much rewire is required I would imagine Adelphia would come in line with TW relatively quickly.
In northern VA, Adelphia has a pretty full HD line-up with all the locals (except UPN and WB) and HDnet, HDmovies, ESPNHD, IND1 and IND2. Anxiously waiting on the Discovery Channel. Anyone got that one yet? I hear that ESPN2 HD will be added soon as well.
Here in Pittsburgh (Monroeville) on Adelphia my High-Def line-up is: HDNFL, HDDT, INHD, INHD2, ESPNHD, HDMVS, HDNET, MAXHD, STARZHD, SHOWHD, HBOHD, NBCHD, CBSHD, PBSHD and ABCHD. It's a pretty good line-up, but with Adelphia's problem acquring FOXHD from Sinclair. I'm w/o FOXHD for the forseeable future. Just add FOXHD, ESPN2HD and TNTHD, and I'll be happy.
In Cleveland, we have the HD versions of all the "big 4" networks (ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX), the local CBS affiliate being added in the past couple of weeks. It's the same agreement that got Adelphia folks in the Cincinnati area their local FOX affiliate (same owner), so we can thank the Super Bowl for it, I guess. :D The local UPN affiliate (same owner as CBS) isn't up yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the way's clear for that, too. The WB affiliate locally isn't doing even digital SD right now due to channel issues with Canada.

Oh, they recently added the PBS HD feed via WVIZ-DT.

We also have: ESPNHD, HDNet, HDMovies, InHD1/2, DiscoveryHD, NFL Network HD and the HD versions of all the movie channels. ESPN2HD is reportedly due up in a couple of weeks. No idea about TNTHD or Universal HD.
In socal we have All 4 major networks, PBS, espn, HBO and SHowtime. Some people on 860mhz systems have cinemax hd and discovery hd
See the link below for a list of Adelphia, NH HD offerings:

Wow, that's the best Adelphia HD line-up I've seen yet -- with PBS, Discovery, ESPN2, NFL Network and even a New England sports network. They must really like you guys in New Hampshire!
Yeah...and they like to take our money too! Oh well, at least we're getting more than most...
We have all of that except for ESPN2HD (supposedly coming March 1st) and the local HD sports network, since Fox Sports Ohio doesn't have an HD component.
Anyone In Pittsburgh on ADELPHIA have ESPN2HD yet?
Yeah and how about Multi room HD DVR functionality?!

I'm in West Mifflin and have Adelphia...and no ESPN2HD yet either...

I doubt we will see FOXHD anytime soon with the Sinclair situation...but will keep my fingers crossed anyway...would be nice to see 24 in HD on my Toshiba 57HX83...

I'm in Munhall...still no ESPN2HD here either. Do you know if we are on a different system from the people in Monroeville? My dad, in Monroeville, had NFL HD, Discovery HD, and PBS HD for about 2 weeks before I got it in Munhall. I think we have a pretty decent HD lineup...if we could pick up ESPN2HD, and especially FOXHD I would be thrilled.
I'm in South hills area - usc, no espn2hd here yet. On channel 703 it says "test". It's been this way for about 2 months - I'm hoping maybe foxhd or espn2hd is coming! Anyone else in pgh have this "test" channel?
Their plans are to sell out to Comcast and Time Warner.
Originally posted by vstone
Their plans are to sell out to Comcast and Time Warner.
That would stink - my local Adelphia is great - they have 20HD stations and tons of onDemand. They seem to be adding more content every 45 days.

I would be affraid that I would loose either existing channels due to contract issues or not get more as regularly.

I guess on the plus side it would be nice to get that Tivo based DVR
I my area, they plan to suck and overcharge said suckage.

(I never pass up a chance to bash AHellphio :)
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