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Adhesive foam for attaching tiny speakers

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So I've been trying to fix my broken laptop.. due to broken hinges had to replace the outer shell and transplant everything, including the speakers, over to a new shell.
Long story short, in the process the foam with which the speakers were attached got damaged. And now it doesn't sound as nice as before (some harmonics and vibrations).
Hence my question - does anyone know what kind of material is used for attaching speakers like these? It's a very very soft ~1mm thick foam that briefly remains indented when pressed. Can I get it anywhere?
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3M has double sided foam tape you can get at your local auto parts store that might work for you.
It would also help if you provided a picture of what you're looking repair and replace.
Check this out, super strong. Little suction cups.

Command strips are a good alternative to double sided tape, they hold great and are removable. The command Velcro’s is my go to for sticking electronics to each other, like hdmi matrix to the back of a tv. The Velcro comes in black too.
Grey 3M tape with red backing is my go to for permanent(ish) attachment... it's easy to cut to shape and will hold pretty mush as long as you want it to if both surfaces are cleaned/prepped first.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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