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Adjusting resolution on x1250 on-board graphics

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Just waiting to complete my first HTPC build and I'm concerned I may have made a mistake. I just read that I can't use Powerstrip with on-board graphic hardware. I have the Biostar TA690G with ATI x1250. In order to get 1:1 pixel mapping on my Sony 42A10 through the VGA port it appears Powerstrip is needed to set a custom resolution and timing.

Does anyone have any experience with the x1250? I'm hoping the ATI software will give me some options.

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I'm using the X1250 on an ASUS board. The ATI Catalyst driver has a plethora of custom settings. If you have Catalyst detect your monitor it just might be able to map pixel for pixel.
i've the same, monitor connected to DVI port always switch back to lower resolution, whenever i try to turn on my TV connected to HDMI port
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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