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Adult film industry embracing HD DVD

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" Wicked faced a huge hurdle because neither the HD DVD nor Blu-ray Disc camps seemed willing to help the adult industry mass-produce their films on high-definition discs, Ramos said. But some members of the HD DVD camp -- whom Ramos declined to name -- finally lent a hand."

"Suddenly we got help, and boom, we were able to move forward and do it," he said.

Blu-ray never offered such help.

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Hurray for detailed boobies!

Originally Posted by Jerry Curl /forum/post/0

Hurray boobies!
Top Porn Publisher Changes Mind on Blu-ray, Ships 4 HD DVD Titles

By the way, here are the ship dates for Digital Playground's HD titles: Island Fever 3 ships in HD the week of Jan. 15, followed by Pirates, Jack's Teen America 3, and Island Fever 4, later in the month.

Digital Playground has over 150 titles on HD.

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Digital Playground is pleased to confirm a January street date for the their first four HD-DVD releases. Island Fever 3 will ship in HD next week, followed by Pirates, Jack's Teen America 3, and Island Fever 4, later in the month. These titles are compatible with Toshiba's, X-Box and other available HD-DVD players. With nearly 500,000 HD DVD players on the market today and more than 2 million expected by the end of 2007, consumers continue to embrace the HD DVD format, buying titles at more than twice the rate of any high definition format. DP founder, Joone is relieved and excited to have the nuances of the new format resolved, "I love the high definition experience and committed to using the format exclusively in February of 2004. Our entire library of movies produced since then has been filmed and mastered in this resolution and we will eventually re-release everything in HD. We've been waiting for the delivery technology to be available and now that it is you can expect to see our HD product dominate the market."

In September of 2004, DP delivered Island Fever 3, the first HD title to be delivered to the masses. This benchmark film was named' Best High Definition Production' at AVN's 2005 Award Show and also was awarded best selling DVD by Empire Awards. One year later, Pirates, which was also delivered in HD, was named' Best High Definition Production' at AVN's 2006 Award Show. On track for the 2007 Award Show, Digital Playground is pleased with dual nominations in the High Definition category for Island Fever 4 and Teagan's Juice. Today, with over 150 titles on HD, Digital Playground has the largest high definition library available in adult entertainment. ( from piratesxxx.com )
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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