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for starters let me give some room info.this is my living not a media room.its 19x21.I have a couch,love seat and 2 recliners along with other small pieces of furniture.end tables,coffe table,etc.the room also has carpet if this matters.

I presently have an Integra 8.9 .

I considering 2 setups and have decided on this make of speaker so I'm just looking for suggestions as to which system would work better for my room.

everything will be paradigm

system #1

2-studio 60's

CC 590

4-ADP 590's

SUB 12

system #2

2- studio 100's


4-ADP 590'S

SUB 15

I hope I posted in the right forum.advice and comments appreciated!



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If you have the financial means, I would certianly suggest the 100's, but I don't believe that you would have any issues with the 60's!
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