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Advice buying new home theatre speakers

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Hi, I am searching for a home theatre system.  5.1 speakers


I bought the samsung ht f4530 and although it was adequate for me I did not like the fact that I couldn't adjust the equalizer settings. 



I'm looking for something where I can manually adjust the equalizer graph bar. 

I'm told not to buy any systems from tv manufacturers so which brand do I look for? (onkyo, JBL, etc)



lastly is there any systems that are in the price range of 300-500$ , the most important for me is the ability to adjust EQ settings


Thanks  !
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Is your budget for the receiver and a complete 5.1 set? If so, you might want to save up some more or start with the AJ Pioneer speakers (Pioneer BS-22) and a Yamaha RX-V375 receiver. You can add the other speakers later when finances allow.
Is it possible to buy a receiver and connect those samsung speakers to it? I dont really need a high tech one jusf so i can at least adjust the treble amd bass

Equalizer is a big plus!

Im aware i need to check the ohm of the speakers but i dont know how to find out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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