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I'm in the market for a new TV to replace my 42" RPTV. I'm hoping for some advice on the matter, though. My reasoning for wanting the new TV is this:

1) I can't sit close enough to my existing RPTV to see it and read text (my eyesight is poor) without it losing definition (ie: its blurry)

2) I also don't like the insane viewing angle problems and the glare from my existing RPTV

My understanding is that LCD TV's don't suffer from these problems (ie: you can get closer without it getting blurry, and you can look from a wider range).

I do have some specific questions, though, which are vexing me:

I saw what looked like a nice TV (Toshiba 42HL196) that advertises itself as 1080p, but the reivews say that it won't actually accept a 1080p signal. Whats the deal with that?


The use that I envision for this TV is:

1) connected to my HTPC computer using VGA: Can I do a 1080p resolution over VGA? If I can't, what resolutions should I expect? I don't want to see flickering at all when its connected to a PC. Thats more important to me than the 1920x1080 resolution. Ideally I want both, though. I tried to do some research on this but didn't get very far.

2) connected to my xbox 360: It uses component and only outputs 1080i anyway, so no problem there that I can see.

3) connected to a 1080p hd-dvd or blu-ray player: This seems like a sticking point. If the TV requies a 1080i input instead of 1080p, won't I lose some quality? How

4) connected to an upconverting dvd player via HDMI

Oh, one final question? Do these screens avoid scratches well? I have a cat that loves to try to "catch" things on the TV screen. So far it hasn't been a problem becasue my RPTV has a thick screen cover, but I'm worried that he might got nuts on an LCD and scratch it.

EDIT: On the 1080p thing, are there any brands that are known to accept 1080p signals that I should be aware of? I'm looking to spend somewhere between 2000 and 3500 canadian.
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