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Advice for Calibrating Loewe Articos DLP

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Hy there, in need some help to calibrate my Loewe DLP Articos HD55. I just starting to work with SpyderTV. When I went into the service-menue, there are 4 Menue-Points,which I think are importend for calibration.

Inputgain: for R,G and B

Inputclamp: R,G,B

Outputgain: R,G,B for times for Colortemp: High,Normal,Low.

OutputClamp: Same as above.

Even if you don't know the Loewe Tv, it would be helpfull to understand there function

In the normal setup there is only one slyder for lightness, contrast and colour.

What is the best way to start calibration.

For your information I liv in Germany. On our TV's we use th Pal-System. I'v tried to read this forum, but it is really a lot of stuff there. I'm sorry about my bad english.

Thank's for your replies.
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Hello... I wish I could help you with the settings, but I have a question of my own that I thought you could answer.

My question is how do you get into the service menu for a Loewe?

I have an Aconda CRT that was recently repaired and when it came back it had very bad geometry problems. Loewe no longer has a presence here in the United States and getting good service is impossible.

If you can get me the codes for accessing the service menu I will try to see what those settings do. I am willing to experiment with my TV because it is in such bad shape that I am probably going to have to replace it anyhow.
Hello maljabir,

the join the service-menu you have to go at first in the normal menu mode, there you should see the point "service". When you select this mode, you must press in the same second "menu" on your remote-control. May be it is the letter "M" too. This works for me. But you should be be careful

The Loewe Articos 55 is best calibrated or adjusted in the regular service menu, not the HD service menu. The HD menu is more limited - less options to do what you want. For example, Loewe 55's tend to underscan in HD so you end up with a funky thin border around the 4 edges but it is adjustable. You just have to go into the right menu and look for X-Y adjustments.

As for the person with the Aconda... be VERY careful. Although you may think the set is worth screwing around with, you can damage it beyond repair just by playing with the wrong items in the service menu. I've worked with the Loewe sets for 6 years and no one in Canada knows them better than I do including the US company, Panurgy in NJ. If you can't find my e-mail go to the website for our company, Evolution Audio Video. search the usual way. You'll see the other products we distribute here along with Loewe.
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Hi Dave,

as you can see in my first posting, I'm locking for a way to setup my TV with SpyderTV.

My problem is that the picture was always to dark, mostly in movies. I couldn't fix this with the normal setup. In the service-menue I have mad some changes and the picture is much better know. But I'm not shure if I have done it well.

When I try to fix the problem with SpyderTV I have not been satisfied yet. If you have any advice for me how to start the calibation, and which points in the setups have to be fixed first. I have also some calibration cd's.
Hmmm... what is Spyder TV? I'm assuming it's a form of cable or satellite service but if the picture is too dark, try another Spyder box or talk to the Spyder people. It should not be too dark though. The other thing, is that the Loewe 55 is not overly bright. It's like the 38" Aconda - best in a dark environment but beware... if you pump up the contrast and brightness too much, the bulb wont last very long at all and it's only under a 90 day warranty. They cost about 500 to 700 bucks. I mention the Spyder box because I've seen many cable and satellite boxes that are too dark AND some too light. The 38" Aconda had, in the service menu, a sub-contrast and sub-brightness. If you raised these values too much, the set would just shut itself down about every half hour because of heat. I would imagine that the 55 would be no different so be careful. Also, when you raise the contrast or picture settinds on ANY tv, the whites bloom and you lost sharp edges. Honestly, if you have the set in a brightly lit room - you bought the wrong set. It needs a darker environment almost like a projector, you know what I mean? If you make any changes, make a note of what the settings were originally so you can go back. Loewe's are like computer monitors - so many adjustments but don't go too far or the set will be useless. If the picture you have now is better than before, that's fine but don't worry about whether it's ISF'd and all that crap. Everyone's eyes are different and what is too dark for you is too light to someone else etc.
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hello Dave,

Spydertv is not a satellite-box, it is calorimeter for calibration CRT,DLP and LCD etc. Look at there website or in this forum.

What I'm looking for is a calibration advice for the Loewe 55. I would like to understand the rgb-controls for "inputgain and inputclamp, outputgain and outputclamp. What I have found out is, that the output gain is for colourtemperature to control the whitelevel. Inputgain is for the saturation. the clampfunction is really subtile. I think that most of the TV's are not setup properly and I trie to find the point where the will show there best picture.
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