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Advice for early adopter looking to trade up

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So I have an old rear projection mits (wt-46809) and I am starting to get television envy.

My parents went and bought a nice sony 50" rear projection about a year ago and the picture is really way better than my mits.

I am thinking about getting a new 50" and ther are so many choices it is driving me crazy. The bulk of the TV is not a concern (my TV cabinet fits this big dinosaur nicely). Width may be an issue -- I think I need a set without side mounted speakers or with removable ones (I don't need speakers on the tv at all with my current setup). It can be a monitor because hd coming in through my tivo series 3 with cablecard tuners. I am also looking to get into hd-dvd or blu-ray in the next year or so.

Budget 2,500 to 4,500.

My questions:

1. Is 1080p the way to go? I read conflicting things about whether anything is being broadcast in it/or will be in the forseeable future. Also, seems to up the price by at least a couple grand. In aocntrast, from what I have read, being able to do 1080i native seems to be a worthwhile thing to have though.

2. Any reccs generally?

3. What do I do with this big old tv? My current thought is to donate it to a local school or something like that.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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for a 50" plasma, a Panasonic th50px60u or a Pioneer 5070 with a Toshiba HDA1 hd dvd player would do you very nice and be under your budget easy.

1080p plasmas are just coming out and very limited and expensive, the 50" pioneer is $8000 and the panasonic 65" is $10,000, should be a much selection in 2007.

most people dont even sit close enough to see a difference with a 1080p display. the current plasmas should give you a great viewing experience.

there will not be 1080P broadcast for many years, so don't worry with that to much.

donate and take a big tax credit for it.
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