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Hi all,
New to the forum but long time lurker.
Just after some guidance/help for building a media sever and htpc. I have used and built quite a few PC's but completely new to the whole server side of things. Currently I am just using an old Q6660 based system as an htpc and for backups.
I am wanting to build a main media server for files, video, pictures, music, backup purposes as well as a separate htpc system.
With regards to them, I would like to be able to watch/record live tv - is it better to have the tv tuner(s) in the server or htpc?
For the server OS I have been looking at freeNas but from what I have read it seems that it wouldnt be able to support recording etc. So would I be better going with another OS, say windows or so? and would it be better to for a server os or a normal windows os?
Also what processor should I be looking at for the server, I would need it to do transcoding, so with that in mind would an i3 be sufficient? Is there any need for a xeon (E3 versions)?
I'm sure I will have more questions regarding the server side of things latter on... thanks in advance for your help.
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