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Advice Needed – Keep older Preamps and Amps, or get AV Receiver

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Resent upgrade of my PJ now requires that I switch Component and decode Optical / Coaxial Dobly-DTS. Previously was using stereo or the 5 discrete RCA Outputs from my DVD.

Two Options

Option One - Keep Pre Amps and Amps, buy component switcher, and purchase a used Dolby / DTS decoder.

Option Two – Buy an AV receiver with component switching and Optical/ Coaxial Dolby inputs. Use Pre Amp outs to drive my Amps if they prove better.

Which way to go, this has been a real dilemma for me and I hope I can get some advice / opinions.

Additional Info

Application – Almost exclusively HT

Upgrade Budget – Limited to 500-600 Max

Room Size 13x23

Present Equipment –

Amps – hafler DH200, Marantz Model 15, and Marantz Model 250

Pre Amps - hafler DH101, two Marantz Model 3300

Both options seem about the same cost wise.

A good used standalone decoder will cost 200-300 and a good component switcher 100-200.

Looking at AV receiver Denon AVR 1905 and JVC RX-8040B both of which fit the upgrade price range.
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those are fantastic amps, I think you should go with option 1.

try audiogon for excellent used prepros.

try http://www.outlawaudio.com//holiday-sale.html model 950 too.
If you like the amps, I would keep them but replace the preamps with a good AV pre/pro, such as the Sherwood Newcastle P-965. This will greatly simplify your system and give you the latest in AV processing as well as the video switching you want/need. If you need to spend less, get a H/K refurb receiver, such as the AVR430, and use it as a pre/pro with you existing amps. See the refurb "specials" at harmanaudio.com, ar at the H/K Ebay store; they come with the as new warranty. H/K refurbs are probably better than the new units. I speak from personal experience.
Thanks for the advice and info. I have been out of the loop for a long time. Sounds like I should dump my preamps and go for a used pre/pro and this info gives me some places to get the most out of my limited budget.
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