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Hello - I have read all of the threads concerning 64 bit vs 32 bit (VISTA) and the last post was 5 months ago. I hope there is more actual user info now available.

I will be purchasing a laptop for video and music editing. I use Ulead's VideoStudio 11.5 + for video (I also use Sony Movie Studio 9) and several different programs for music (Session, Finale Allegro and others). None of these mention 64bit support. Sony states that: At the present time, Vegas Pro 8.1 and ACID Pro 7 are the only supported applications for Windows Vista 64-bit operating systems. While other SCS programs might install and function just fine on the Windows Vista 64-bit operating system, we cannot guarantee reliability.

Now to my question:
  • Since a very large number (most) of the laptops in the speed category I want to consider (2.4 ghz & up) are Vista 64bit will I be required to use dual booting with 32bit Vista or Windows XP?

Thanks for any help. I will only be using the laptop for editing.

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I have a new 64-bit Vista desktop, and have been wading through these issues for months. Here's what I've found so far:

Sony Movie Studio 9.0b Platinum (Trial Version) - I've been using this for the last several weeks, and it works well, with no overt incompatibilities. It doesn't take advantage of 64-bit Vista, so there is nothing gained here. It does have a glitch in rendering 1920x1080-60i Dolby 5.1 AVCHD files, in that it typically crashes during the rendering process. This apparently is a known bug, 32-bit and 64-bit, which hopefully Sony will fix soon.

Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 is not only compatible with 64-bit Vista, but it is the only editing program I'm aware of that actually takes advantage of the 64-bit environment. It also does not suffer from the glitch mentioned above.

I don't know about Version 11.5, but Video Studio X2 is stated as being compatible with 64-bit Vista by Ulead/Corel.

Another issue is Picture Motion Browser, if you're using Sony HD Camcorders. Version 3.0.00, which comes with the SR11, for example, is stated to not be compatible with 64-bit Vista. Version 3.3.00 is claimed by Sony to be compatible with 64-bit Vista, but is available only as an upgrade, requiring 3.0.00 to be present on the computer to install. Talk about your basic Catch 22!!

Some have installed 3.0.00, and without running the program, or rebooting their computer, immediatley upgraded to 3.3.00, and have apparently done fine. I haven't had the guts yet to try this.

So the bottom line here is that can likely get everything working in 64-bit Vista, but at this point, unless you go with Vegas Pro 8.1, you're not going to get any benefit from it. That is likely to change over the next year or so, hopefully, but who knows.


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Thanks Don.

I am surprised to see so many laptops coming with 64bit Vista. I am glad to hear you think most things will run on it. I guess I'll just dual boot with windows XP if there are problems.

As to Corel's Pro X2 (which is called Videostudio 12 when it installs except for the desktop icon) I purchased it and loved the new additions. However, it does not render acceptably at all for me. I have tried three times to render a project and, using the same settings as Ulead's Videostudio 11.5, it does terrible macroblocking and judder whenever there is a complicated transtion or when it comes out of black and into a complicated scene or set of overlays. I have run three tests and they have all come out the same.

I did alter parameters to see if there is something I am doing incorrectly. I have not gotten anything to complete cleanly, at all.

I do use occasional fastpans and multiple overlays but VS 11.5 renders everything perfectly, no matter how complex.

I have noticed that Pro X2 renders about 25% faster than VS 11.5. I thought that was due to use of more cores (Q6600 here) but I think they have hamstrung the rendering engine. My advice is download "try be before" buy version first.

Interestingly I haven't been able to register this Pro X2 online as it sends itself to a Ulead address and just stops. From what I can see this product is worthless.

If someone can instruct me on proper setup with Pro X2 (I use the same project properties as the render properties and I do the 2 pass) I'd be very glad to take my words back.
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