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I work with a local charity that broadcasts taped audio over analog radios for the blind and visually impaired (ie daily readings of the paper, novels, etc).

We currently broadcast over FM, but in the 600's and off the tuning of most commercial devices. We are getting more interference now due to the high bandwidth usage of HD FM signals (sorry I do not know all the technical details.) Our current solution in place is the clients have small portable analog radio receivers that receive our FM signal.

We are looking at options and one would be to utilize an alternate broadcast over local TV, by using the SAP broadcast. We already have this broadcast in place.

One of the options we were looking at was a portable digital TV that would receive this SAP broadcast. We had come across the "Digital Prism" brand of portable tv's, as they seem to offer affordable 3.5 and 7" devices.

I cannot however find any information on this brand other then on Officedepot's website it lists Altico International, but they are an importer, distributor, wholesaler.

I was hoping the great community on here could help me out, as far as if this type of product would be a good alternative, as well as where I can find out further information about the product etc.

Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance
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