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Advice needed for sub purchase [svs, paradigm, sunfire]

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My HT has been complete for about 10 months and now that I'm over the shock of construction and some equipment purchases ... I'm ready to upgrade. My theater is 15.5' x 21.5' and has double drywall, risers, stage , etc..

I've been using a Rocket UFW-10, but its just not enough for movies. I love the sub and it blends seamlessly w/ my mains ... its just not the right sub (size) for this environment.

I've considered the SVS PB12-Plus/2 and the Paradigm Servo-15. The sure the SVS will provide all I want w/ regards to SPL, but I guess the Servo 15 is appealing b/c its sealed and would probably give me what I like about the UFW-10 .. just more of it.

I've also thought about the older sunfire sig ... small package and tons of air movement. Older HGS-15 or 18 would be a candidate as well.

I'm not set on new or used (don't care really), but I would like to stay around $800 to $1200.

I've seen SVS vs. Servo-15 threads (good info), but I wanted to open up the search a little.

Thanks, Chad
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Check out James Loudspeaker EMB1000 these are unbelievable.

slightly more than you wanted to spen but it is worth it.
You could also look at the new Earthquake MKV 12..Check out ebay,have some really good deals....Good performance(a lot of output,will hit 14hz) Just another suggestion.. I got a chance the other day to listen to the servo 15(very nice)...
One more wont hurt. Check out the JM Labs SW900. It is a pretty strong sub IMO. Without a lot of effort I can hit 100dB at 20Hz. Not to bad. Like I said, that may not even be the limit. Just an idea. P.S I have noted 115dB on the silver ship fly by in ATOC.
Don't rule out the Def Tech SuperCube1. It can be somewhat placement sensitive, but once you get it dialed-in, it is exceptionally tight and powerful.


Did you consider building your own? An Avalanche 15-18" with a Parts Express 1000 watt amp sounds just the thing you are looking for.

I should be done with my first sub this week (I am building two). I am using Atlas 12".

Here is the link Ascendant Audio - Avalache

Then again with you just finshing up the HT you may not feel like another project ;)

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Hey Jon ... don't know if you noticed, but I'm your neighbor. Maybe you would let me demo yours when you get it done :) I'm in Broadlands Southern Walk (Van Metre).

And yes .. I'm all projected out right now ... :p


I am also in the neighborhood (Ashburn Farms) and have a dual PB12 plus 2 setup. PM me if you would like to check them out.

webelevy - Yes, SVS is on the list and would definitely like to check them out. PM coming your way.

The benefits of servo should not be overlooked. There's a good interview over on Secrets with Velodyne's Bruce Hall about what servo accomplishes.

Ah yes Chad, we communicated a while back I believe. There was a disconnect, I guess. You are more then welcome to hear it. Actually I am quite anxious to hear this sub myself. Anyway my theater is mostly done, just some trim work left, but jumped on this project now.

I will let you know when it is done, the veneer should be here tomorrow. Should be done by Thursday/Friday.

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