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I am looking for some advice to develop and 2 channel setup for my music. Following are my criteria

Music: CDrip flac's and 24/96 vinyl rip flac's

Room: 15feet x 25feet

Budget: $5500

Where I am currently based there is limited availability of audio gear. From what i have listened among the available hardware in audio shop's and read in reviews, I like the sound of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor. But that was powered by an uber expensive McIntosh rig. It doesn't look new, been used in showroom for some time now - with extreme care though, and is going for $3100 with stands. New pair of Auditor M is going for $3900, but haven't heard it yet.

On the amplifier side, i like the sound of Bel Canto s300iu which is available here as well and has a inbuilt DAC.

Although i haven't auditioned both of them together, i think both together should cover my need to play directly from my laptop.

On the accessory side, i will start trying later, though Nordost Shiva power cable and Blue Heaven speaker cable have been recommended by some in similar forums with this hardware.

A decent powered sub may join in as the next installment

Have any of you had any experience with this or similar setup? Please share your views

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