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ok, this what I want to do. I have an ATI 2600xt,Primary is 19" lcd(VGA) that use to control everything,secondary is 46" mitsu(DVI to HDMI), that I use to watch everything. I have a 30" sony in my game room,I want to be able to play the same HD content that I have playing in the living room. Basicly when everyone comes over to watch ppv,like tonights ufc, not everyone can fit in the living room. I use use another htpc with an ati 2400, but my capture card is only SD, and to upgrade that card would be another $300.

so can I use the 2600xt and componet output,or am I only limited to 2 displays,thats what I think it is.

I also have another ati card, my mother board is a crossfire and I have 2 capable crossfire ati cards, but I don't know if that would work.

I have tried to network a broadcast but I get a ton of stutter.

or can i make a toggle in CCC to turn of my primary 19" and make active my 30"?

appricate any help and infomation!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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