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I have an Optoma HD72 and I am currently moving into a new house with a bunch of my fraternity brothers. The house came furnished and already has a 1080p high end projector (brand and model I did not remember to check) with surround sound. And we are planning on having two side by side ~90 inch screens.


2 projectors

1 receiver

1 blu ray player

2 xbox's

2 cable boxes.

Heres my thoughts that I would appreciates critiques, comments, and concerns with. Essentially each projector would be coupled with one cable box and one xbox each. I figured the easiest way to set this up would be to have one projector be the primary which is run through the receiver and additionally the blu ray player. While the second projector would be connected to the second cable box and second xbox and have neither of those running any audio. I couldnt think of a reason why I would ever have audio playing in the same room from two different sources. Whether it be 2 football games running or two xboxes running or some other combination of the two. For convenience sake it seems logical to only run one, unless theres some easy method that would make the switch of audio back and fourth relatively simple? (one click operation)

Anyways, spent a few hours on google and i have yet to find one theater or game room that runs a dual projector setup aside from showrooms that do comparisons of projectors.

Thanks for your help guys. Let me know what I am missing.
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